Google Solution Challenge 2021

Unlike other SNS platforms, Solu utilizes gamification modeling (rewards system) for societal causes. App rewards users to engage in cause-based events evolving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) declared by the United Nations. Users are not simply sharing their thoughts and opinions, but showcasing their active engagements that can lead to the participation of others. Our platform is built with Google cloud functions, Firebase, and React Native run by Expo (cross-platform).



Stanford University TreeHacks 2021

DISCOV is an app that tracks Covid-19 suspects and alerts other users upon direct or indirect contact. User's RHR/HROS rates, simple indicators of positivity, were detected using Fitbit API. To ethically collect user data, what3words API was used. How is it ethical? what3words utilizes 3 sets of words to indicate the coordinates of locations. Rather than pinpointing the exact spot, it provides an idea of the general area. While this proximity was close enough to allow the spread of the virus, it does not give away the exact location of users. 


Starworld Realms 

Video Game Development

Starworld Realms is an interactive space-themed video game. You become an alien crash-landed on an unknown planet. You cannot trust anyone or anything surrounding you, and your spaceship is nowhere to be found. Using Unity and C# scripts, our team created this game with ideas of physics incorporated. The enemies were AI modeled, providing a realistic game experience to users. Acknowledging all the constant feedback from testers during each demo phase, our final product was further fortified.

Google DSC

Core Team of Google DSC @ Georgia Tech

As a Core Team, along with other Leads: we guided 700+ student developers to utilize Google dev tools such as Golang, Firebase, TensorFlow, Cloud, etc in local projects. We also organized events to introduce technical skills such as Git, AWS, Cloud Computing, JS, ML/AI, etc. In addition, I designed marketing materials (shown right) and solidified marketing vehicles to optimize student engagements. Archiving organization workflows and leaving documentation were also the roles I served. 


Figma Prototypes 

Prototyping projects prior to development

Whether it is app/web development, physical product modeling, etc, prototyping the desired outcome before jumping into the development phase is crucial. This not only enhances work efficiency by preventing (in advance) any unnecessary developments, but also helps the team brainstorm ideas. In other words, user-friendly goals can be clarified and set. During one of my internships, I learned the importance of setting up a coherent design system (i.e. color palettes, typographies, icons, etc). I aim to be a developer who also prototypes. 


Game Boy Advance

Media Device Architecture

Using Assembly / C, I developed a series of Game Boy Advance arcade games through media device architecture. Graphical sprites and complex collision maps were designed to provide a realistic game experience to players. Implementations of features such as timers, audio, typographies, etc allowed the games to be further enjoyable. Projects were built on Docker, with factored key inputs from users.


Media Curation 

Virtual archive of Modern Languages Research

As a Research Assistant, I supported archiving Media Curation research (of modern language & culture) in a virtual setting. One of the roles I served was designing graphics for an online library and offline publication (textbook), which were later used for modern language courses at Georgia Tech. When prompts were given, I drafted symbols that could best represent the written content and designed graphics using Figma. Some designs were animated in an interactive manner to allow further engagement from readers. 



Georgia Tech HackGT 2020

The global pandemic, Covid-19, has altered various parts of our lives. This includes mental health, which created the term "Covid blue". Using IBM Watson and Cloud Pak, our team visualized the correlation between Covid-19 and mood swings over the course of the pandemic's progressing timeline. "State" of mental health was configured by the frequency of Google search keywords. Based on these search frequencies, our team was able to detect the spread of Covid Blue on our society. 



Designs for Student Organizations

In addition to programming codes, designing creative graphics has always been my interest. Self-teaching fundamentals of designs (i.e. color palettes, audience/user-centric layouts, typographies, etc) awoke my interest in media-based technical developments. The range varies from computer graphics, game developments, VR/AR, app/web developments, interface creations, and many more. Using this knowledge, I designed numerous flyers and "swags" for different student organizations within Georgia Tech. The overall experience led me to become a developer with a professional taste in design, fulfilling my desire to bridge the gap between developers and users. 

More updates coming soon!